​​Alpha Nu Omega 


University of Minnesota Duluth

​​ANΩ's Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join A Fraternity?
A Fraternity provides a structure and an environment in which mutual friendships can flourish. A fraternity is by no means the only kind of organization in which a student may find friends. Indeed, the typical student requires no organization at all to make friends, nor does anyone in a fraternity confine his friendships exclusively to fellow members of the group. But a fraternity does foster long-lasting brotherhood in an effective way, drawing its members together by shared goals and common experiences. 

Not everyone finds a fraternity membership desirable, but fraternities should remain for any student as a real option on campus and a “life style” worth serious consideration.

How will joining Alpha Nu Omega help me?

Personal Development

  • Part of a fraternity is that it is social in nature, but that does not simply imply drinking and partying. It allows you to meet other people in a fun environment and become comfortable getting to know people you have met for the first time.
  • Fraternities hold in high regard their responsibility to give back to our community. Whether it is donating their time, working with others, or raising money for a worthy cause, they dedicate themselves to helping others.
  • Fraternities have leadership positions, financial responsibilities, and policies and procedures to follow, much like most organizations and companies. There is an executive board of officers as well as other leadership positions in each chapter. The chance to lead others is not only available, but expected.
  • A fraternity is a group of men  who work together to achieve goals they have set for themselves. You will learn how to plan events, work with people, hold members accountable for their behaviors, confront inappropriate behavior, build relationships, and praise them for a job well done.
  • Fraternities stress academics and reward those who excel academically. They have academic expectations for members and resources to assist members during their education and into their job search. Fraternities and sororities are committed to achieving your goals.
  • Members develop relationships with fraternity alumni who can assist with resumes, job placement, marketing your Greek experience, and settling in a new location after graduation.  Alpha has scholarship and mentoring programs coordinated through its Alumni Association and the University.
  • Fraternities provide opportunities to meet many people who will assist you. Through educational programs, you will be introduced to many campus resources that will help you excel.
  • You will improve your communication and interpersonal skills. This will happen though your interactions and leadership experiences. Employers will value the skills you will develop through your Greek experience.· 

Life-Long Friends

  • A fraternity gives you the opportunity to make new friends who will be with you long after graduation. The men and women you meet today will be the ones who stand up in your wedding, provide guidance when you are struggling, and share in your happiness for many years.
  • Many fraternities have alumni who will share their experiences and help prepare you for life after graduation. The common bond of fraternity will carry beyond the members you join with and into the many alumni who have this shared experience. Their knowledge will be beneficial to you as you prepare for a career.
  • By seizing the opportunity to join a fraternity, you will have the chance to share common experiences, challenge your thoughts and beliefs, learn from others, and thus create the basis for lifelong friendships.
  • Fraternities have a foundation of values and standards known as the ritual. Through ritual, you will learn the basic concepts of friendship and values that will bring you closer to your brothers. This common bond will be with you for your life.

Life Enjoyment

  • I want to have fun in college!
  • I want to meet new people and do new things.
  • I need stress-relieving activities.
  • I want to participate in campus events.
  • I want to visit new places.
  • I want to extend my limited resources through group activities

Making the Most of Campus Life

  • Fraternities often participate in campus events and go to sporting events.
  • You will be encouraged to get involved in other student organizations.
  • Many fraternities and sororities participate in intramural sports that will give you the opportunity to play competitive athletics ranging from football and soccer to almost everything in between. Members also often lift weights, run, and exercise together.
  • Fraternities have organized and informal events and activities for members and guests.
  • Many fraternities organize study breaks, movie nights, or sports nights so they can spend time with each other.
  • Fraternities also take trips. During these trips, you will get to see new places and bond with the other people.​